2 thoughts on “Interior_clean_matt render03_warmer

  1. Hello Steven !
    I found this image on google image, and went to your wordpress from this.
    I have a little project to put in place, and my superior really loves the style of this particular render.
    I’m a french animator, and I’m alone on this project, and not very good at lighting… Can you tell me more about your setup and the way you put it on ?
    I think I see taht you use Sun&Sky (I can see the horizon), but I can’t obtain the same render with only this, so I guess there is a lot more than just Sun&Sky, right ?

    Thanks for your answer, and I hope to hear from you !


    • Hi Olivier,
      Thanks, I am glad you guys like my image.

      – I have made two versions of that image…one in Maya with Mental Ray, and the other one with Modo. And the image that you are talking about was done a while back in Maya. So the way I remember setting it up with Mental Ray was using Daylight system. And in the camera attributes, I added a Mental Ray Photographic exposure node to the lens, so that I can control the image like a real camera for example brightness and film speed etc. And I also placed an area light outside the window and turned it into a portal light which helps to clean up the Final Gathering (FG) in Mental Ray (Not sure if this feature is still available in the latest versions of Maya.) And I may have also used some Global Illumination (GI) to get some color bleeding with the Final Gathering (FG) but honestly I can’t remember.


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