Kit-Bash modeling with Modo and Look-Dev with Substance Painter and Rendering with Marmoset Tool Bag and Modo

Portrait Light Studies and shading tricks using Maya and Redshift

From a 2D concept to 3D, creating game like assets

The 2D concept is not mine and I got it from the internet. And everything else 3D I created from (Modeling, UVs, Shading, Lighting, Materials, Rendering, and Post Processing.

Cloth pillow and blanket simulation in Maya 2018 and vRay

VRay for Maya 2017

Learning and having some fun with VRay for Maya 2017.

Mixed Modo Mesh-Fusion Progressive and Offline render tests

Arnold in Maya 2017

Learning and having some fun with Arnold render in Maya 2017.

3D Typography Studies

Some 3D Typography tests in 3 Languages, Syriac, Arabic, and English with Modo, and Photoshop

3D Vehicle Renders

Some lighting and composition study of 3D vehicle renders using Modo, HDR LIGHT STUDIO, and Photoshop.



Smoke and Fire R&D using Maya Fluids and Modo

Some Smoke and Fire R&D using Maya 2015 Fluids.

3D Camera Tracking Test using NukeX and Modo

3D Camera Tracking in Nuke X and transferring all tracking data from Nuke to Modo.

Maya Fluid to Modo Test

Exporting Fluid simulations from Maya and rendering them in Modo.

Studio Shot Practice

Multiple products studio setup. All Modo and Photoshop for Color Correction.

Four Lamps Close Up Four Lamps Top One Lamp

The Topo Tab in Modo

Recently, I have been experimenting with Modo’s re-topology tools, and they are awesome. Check out some of the results that I got:

topo_Moto_small Futuristic_car_topo_01

123D Experimentation

This is an animation that was rendered out of 123D software. And what you see is a 3D mesh model that was completely generated from photographs using this software. Also the camera path animation is generated from the actual angles from which I photographed the model from. Very cool stuff!

Modo Interior shots Shading & Rendering

Modo interior shots, a clay render with global illumination and daylight system and depth of field effect. Scene geometry was taken from Cinema 4D content.

Interior_clean_matt render07_warmer Interior_clean_matt render06_warmer Glass Figurene

HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imagery)

Modo renders of custom HDRI shoot of my room and integrating 3D objects with photography, so as you can see the fake objects appear as if they were inside of my room.

Product Shots in Maya

Maya product shot with emphasis on shading and studio like lighting

Anisotropy_render Anisotropy_render03

Maya/ Mental Ray Interior Shots using Final Gathering and Global Illumination Methods

Maya interior lighting, shading and rendering shots using Mental Ray. Scene geometry was taken from Cinema 4D content.

Interior_clean_matt render03_warmer Interior_clean_matt render04_warmer Interior_clean_matt render05_warmer

Liquid Simulation Tests in Modo 601 (WIP)

These are tests that I did yesterday in Modo 601. These are not full quality renders.

Camera Match Move in 3DS Max 2012 (WIP)

This is an early test for adding 3D elements onto a video. Software used: 3DS Max 2012, Match Mover and Quicktime Pro.

Justice League (WIP)

This is a work in progress and a learning curve for myself. All the superhero images are Modeled/Sculpted, textured and rendered by Steven Donny George. Reference art used by D.C. Comics.